Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changing of filenames

Came across this question on 4Shared
and thought I'd address it

Love this kit. I have a question, tho. Why do you not want us to change the file names on the kit even if we only use them for home use? I always change the names of every item in every kit I download just so the names are shorter and everything falls into its own category in the folder (like all papers listed first.). Just wondering :0}

I'm new to this scrap making so really I just copied what I liked of other peoples rules, lol.
But as I see it;
None of us making scraps want our file names changed, so there's no question as to who made it, and it's easy to find back to the person who made it if you ever use it for tutorials or layouts that you wanna share, or if people ask you for it you can send them in the right direction.

If people ask you for a tube you've used and you share it with your new name, then the line from the designer is broken, and that person might pass it on and so on. I shared a link to my halloween masks last year on yahoo, and it took less than a day for them to be passed around with new filenames (but what can you do, you just gotta sit back and laugh at it, life's to short to worry about the little things)

I know what I've made myself, and as long as I know then that's actually good enough for me. I do this because I love making my own things, and I'm very laid back about everything so I'm not worried about how people keep their files at home, I don't run after anyone with a stick for changing any filenames at home, lol.
so enjoy them anyway you'd like ;)

The only thing I would be dissapointed about was if people changed my filenames and passed them on as their own, other than that anything is allowed, as they say: what you do in your own bedroom ....., lol

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