Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paper size change ;) and other ramblings, lol

I've been strugling to make big papers for
my full size kits for a while now,
but I've packed it in this week and
desided to meet myself in the middle instead,
after all I'm doing this for the fun of it,
so why struggle to make something I hate,
and aren't really good at, lol.
So from now on my papers will be one size only ;)
1200 x 1200 (4 inch)
then they are good for our blog layouts,
and I also tried resizing them from 1200 to 3600
and they still looked good.
But then my dillemma is, how do I label them.
I can't call it full size kits anymore.
Any ideas or sugestions is very much appreciated.
Another problem, is why the heck doesn't the line
break thing work in here, I can hit enter a houndred
times and still the lines pack themselves
together when you post your blog.
Anyone else having this problem??
And yes my settings are on Yes for the line thing ;)
Even tried changing it form yes to no and
back again, lol, no help there :((
And to something different :))
It's that time of year again :))
I took part last year and got invited again
this week :)
it's the:
If you're planning on offering 1 or more Xmas
Freebies on your blog this year, then go check
them out, and sign up ;)
Have a great weekend all!!
I'm having 2 kids for a visit this weekend,
we're going to 2 Xmas fairs,
then we're going home to have our own
little Xmas workshop.
Really looking forward to getting into
some Xmas spirit !! :))
PS, my next Xmas kit is in the making
so get ready to go Red'n'Golden ;)
PPS, a very special thank you to one person
for her generous donation,
you know who you are hun ;)
Wish I had more welldoers like you, lol !! :))

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