Friday, October 8, 2010

The Witches Den kit and a Blogiversary Contest!!

A kit to celebrate my 2 year Blogiversary!!
It's been 2 awesome years, and I never dreamt of
having more than 250 000 hits in 2 years, that's just
more than awesome!!

And this is my 50th kit, how cool is that !!

Gotta have some fun to celebrate, so look below
to find a little contest for you!!

Running from
Oct 8th - Oct 22nd

The task is to make Clusterframes using my last 4 kits (linked below)
You can only enter one from each kit (but 4 frames total if you like)
 save them as PNG's
and mail them to me at

They will be available for all to download
when the contest is over, and I've picked my winners, so
send me your blog link too if you have one, so I can add it
to the credits when I put them up.

CHANGES Oct 9th.
Seeing all the frames I've gotten already in just one day,
I'm rethinking the sharing part of these frames when the contest
is over. Let's make it like a Blog Train, if you want to share
yours on your blog (when the contest is over) you let me
know and send me your blog link, so I can make a list of
where they all can be picked up, and you're welcome to
post the list to if you like, or just redirect them
here to pick up the rest :))
I'll be sharing all the ones that don't have their own blog,
or don't wanna host them themselves ;)).
But no frames are to be posted until the contest is over,
I don't want anyone to steal your ideas ;))
Gotten alot of cool cluster frames already, this is turning
out to be so much fun!!
Good luck all and keep them coming!!


I'll pick 3 winners
who each get to pick 4 tubes from MPT.
The 4 kits to play with are:

The Witches Den - above


  1. Great idea hun, good luck with the contest ~ im sure you'll be swamped with entries !!
    Congrats on your 50th kit and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU & YOUR BLOG lmao


  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! that's incredible!! and such a wonderful contest to celebrate! I can't wait! hehe

  3. Congrats on all hun, you did well in 2 years. May hav

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Love your new kit, and the contest sounds fab! Can't wait to make some cluster frames!

  5. Happy Blogiversary hun. Hopefully I can try this out. Congrats doll. They are beautiful

  6. Happy Blogversary :D
    Love the new kits sweetie..
    Looking forward to making some cluster frames :D
    Hugs Rachel x

  7. Whoop yay
    Congrats snuppa
    Your 50th kit looks amazing as always
    I may have a lil play in the comp cos i like having a go at clusters
    Fabulous idea & i can't wait to download everyones now lol
    You rock
    Hugs Kim xxx

  8. WOW what a fabulous new kit and super contest hun xxx

  9. Oh wow... congrats on your Blogiversary!
    Your kits are absolutely awesome!!!
    I'll love to give it a try!!!
    Will work on it soon!!!
    Hugz KyLie

  10. thank you so much

  11. Happy bloganniversary and thank you very much for the beautiful kit all of them are awesome
    your contest idea is very original will try it

  12. Happy Bloganniversary.
    Best wishes for many more to come.

  13. Happy Blogiversary! ^-^

    Thank you so much for another awesome kit! I sincerely appreciate the time you spend making and sharing such wonderful freebies.

    Hugs, Laura

  14. Thank you for this lovely kit and thanks for sharing your talent to us. Huggles! Dhada

  15. Thank-you so much, your postings are wonderful!!!

  16. Thank you for the kit. Fantastic as always.
    Lirios - the Netherlands

  17. great kit and great contest! i've never made a cluster frame but i'll give it a try

  18. I just downloaded all four kits and I'll see what (if anything) I can come up with .. never made cluster frames before.. so, we'll see .. in any event thanks for the great kits .. I know that I'll be able to create great stuff with them !!

  19. Thanks for this great kit Sweetie.
    Hugs, Ellie

  20. merci pour ce magnique kit bravo pour tout ce que vous faite :p
    amitié Geny

  21. Thx for the beautiful free awesome Halloween scrap. Hugs Edith.

  22. thank you for sharing ths grogeous kit.
    Hugs Black Mamba.♥♥♥

  23. Love this kit!! I've used it in several tags, and now have used it in a tutorial here: Thanks so much for sharing your awesome kits!!

  24. All you kits all the time All are perfect! Love your work so much, Vaybs.
    Jill at Creative Addictions.

  25. Thanks for the lovely kit! Love your work!

  26. So glad to see that you still have this kit available! It's awesome Thank you!