Friday, June 8, 2018

I Love CA - kit

And here's the 7th and final kit from my dig 
among the never released kits, 
exclusively only used in the
inactive forum of Creative Addictions.

So now they're all out here for all to enjoy!!!!

If you're asked for it Password is : CaLove2012

CA Girl Exclusive - kit

And awesome old kit made especially for a very exclusive 
Nicole Brune tube some of us got over at Creative Addictions.
You see her in the tag below ;)

But the kit goes really well with houndreds of tubes so no worries there ;) LOL 

ENJOY this treat!!!!

If you're asked for it password is: cagirlex

Thursday, June 7, 2018

CA Halloween Mini - kit

An old Halloween kit only released over at CA before

ENJOY !!!!

If you're asked for it Password: cahallow2011

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Verymany Emo - kit

And another oldie , only released on an old forum before.


If you're asked for it Password : VeryEmo2012

Creatively Addictive - kit

Another oldie, never released here before

If you're asked for it password is : caaddicts

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A CA Xmas 2011 - kit

Old kit never released on my blog, just been used in the forum of 
Creative Addictions.

And in good time for Xmas in July !!! LOL !!!!

Merry early Xmas!!! LOL !!! 

ENJOY!!! ;) 

If you're asked for it Password : caxmas11

Monday, June 4, 2018

Bare with me - kit

First of 7 old kits I found in an old folder, 
only used in the forum of 
Creative Addictions (now an inactive forum), 
so now we can all have some fun with them.

ENJOY !!!!

NEW link added Aug.14.
Hope it helps making it a zip instead of a rar.

Old Misfit masks 4

Fourth batch of Misfit masks
just rightclick and save ;)

Old Misfit masks 3

Third batch of Misfit masks
just rightclick and save ;)

Old Misfit masks 2

Second batch of old Misfit masks ;) 
Just rightclick and save ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Old Misfit masks 1

Gonna be re-releasing some old stuff, like masks, templates, 
and I've found 7 kits made just for the old forum Creative Addictions.
So alot of goodies are coming out this week ;)

I see some of the old links on Misfits blog are broken and Creative Addictions is no longer an active group, so let's all have fun with the old stuff instead,  :))

I'm dusting them off and re-releasing them during the week, ;)

Here's the first batch of Misfit masks, 
just rightclick and save ;) 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dipping my foot in the PSP pond again !!!

Trying to get my feet wet again in the PSP pond, 
just bought PSP 18, bet all my old plugins wont work in windows 10, 
as my PSP 10 had become a useless dinosaur.

I've taken care of tips about broken links so here's the ones I know of ;) 

My Brattitude template from a release on Misfits
The template link was broken but now you find it again

Winter wonder kit was broken so here it is ;) 

This attitude wordart needs no download, it's just to save it ;)