Monday, April 13, 2015

Just saying hello.

Hello all ;)
Just thought I'd tell you why it's
very very very ..................very very very
quiet in here, LOL.
My mojo went on a long hiatus, that happens for us all.
Then when I thought I was on my way back
my computer said goodnight, so now it's "saving up
for a new one time", who knows how long that takes.
But some fine day, maybe this year maybe not untill next year
I will be back PSP'n.
But have fun with all my old stuff in here,
and I love all your lovely comments,
so thank you for saying hello when you drop by
picking up some PSP stuff :)


  1. Looks forward to your return to PSPing!!!

  2. May you rest and I hope you come back :)

  3. I hope you come back soon

  4. Will be waiting to see your work again!!!
    I know the feeling, I was away a year then came back now family & health requires my attention!!!
    Take Care!!