Monday, January 25, 2016

Let me know ;)

Hi all !!
Hadn't logged in since November and found alot of lovely
comments waiting. 
Thank you all for leaving lovely words
when you pass by picking up some goodies or trying too
pick up some.
I see some links have gone awall during the year so I'm saving 
the comments letting me know what links have gone down, so please
continue leaving me hints to what's missing.
 I'm gonna try getting them up again real soon now, 
but where to host them ????
I see some of you have trouble with 4shared, so tell me what's 
the best download sites others are using that you'd like me to use,
cos maybe some new easy ones have come since I've been 
away from it for a year.
And another thing, I've taken down all tut links for all other blogs
using my kits,
cos alot of them had closed so it was a ton of dead links 
so to all the working tut holders I'm really sorry.
But I won't be putting up more tut links for other blogs
from now on
cos I don't want a link graveyard in here when they close


  1. Box or dropbox are 2 that I like the most. 4shared seems to have gone crazy.

  2. Box or MediaFire, so that there is as yet no problems with me, 4shared works for me, however, also! Hugs! Charlotte aka Röschen

  3. Hi and welcome back, am agree Box or Mediafire please....

  4. Thanks Vaybs snuppa for keeping updating your links hun, I still coming back to both of your blogs, xxx