Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood pancakes

I'm making blood pancakes today and it
suddenly hit me, hey;
I'm having a Halloween moment, lol !!
So I just had to take some pictures and show
you, looks so cool.
Haven't had these since I was a kid
and Grandma used to make them so this
was my first try and they turned out
really yammi!!


  1. Ok...what the?? LMAO...I'm not sure I want to know...he..he. Real blood? What are really in blood pancakes for real?

  2. Oh it's real blood ;)
    Half cattle blood and half water and milk
    gives you lots of iron, and since I can't take iron tablets then blood food is a good choise, and I love blood pudding too so I get my iron levels up when I need them, lol !!

  3. I have got to try that sometime! I like blood pudding too. I'm not even sure I could get cattle blood easily though!

    Your scrap papers and elements are amazing! I'm going through your blog with awe! Thank you for the freebies!